About us

Elite Picture Framing is a local South Australian business established in 1993.

Located within minutes from the centre of Adelaide, collectively we have over 60 years experience in the picture framing industry. We strive to provide friendly service and professional advice to help you make informed decisions.

“Highly trained in both conservation techniques and design, we are Adelaide’s leading Custom Picture Framer.”


Glenn, Cameron and the Elite Picture Framing team.

Picture Framing itself has become an art form and one we take great pride in.

We provide an elite standard of Custom Framing solutions, services and products that meet the diversity our customers desire.

Whether framing your artwork for sale, your favourite movie poster, a family heirloom or a priceless Picasso, we understand the importance of framing your artwork correctly and with aesthetic sensibility.

An informed choice is always the best choice, and we offer best practice when it comes to framing your artwork.


We are members of the Picture Framers Guild of Australia.