Sports Memorabilia

Framing sports memorabilia is a popular request. We apply skills to ensure handling these special items is done with great respect.

Whether framing a signed Michael Jordan singlet, a Donald Bradman cricket bat, or a weekend warriors hole in one golf ball, techniques used here are critical in the preservation of not only adding value to the piece, but to ensure that over the years, nothing is devalued due to poor Picture Framing.

Singlets or jerseys are usually inserted with a foamcore packer and attached using stitches or dress making pins. Then if it were to be removed in years to come, it would come out undamaged.

Cricket bats are never drilled or attached with screws (yes we have seen this happen!). We custom make perspex cradles to hold the bat in place so they can be easily removed with no damage.

Perspex cases are a great way to display footballs, basketballs, and shoes for example.