Indigenous Art and Canvas Stretching.

We are the preferred Framer to many local Indigenous galleries, collectors, dealers and agents, and from communities in Western Australia, Central Australia and Cairns. It’s what our business was built on and we are very proud of this.

“I use Elite for all my exhibition work and private framing and am always greeted with a smile and attention focussed completely on my job needs.”

Sue Ninham (artist)

Glenn Camera 1384
The art of stretching.

In 1993, Elite Picture Framing’s foundations were formed in a small shed at the back of a house, stretching Aboriginal canvases. Today we are Adelaide’s most trusted Framer for these precious works.

We are trained and thoroughly experienced in attaining the right tension to ensure no cracking of paint or tearing of the fabric.

Larger works are braced in the corners using a unique technique that offers both strength and stability, ensuring the canvas won’t twist or buckle during and after the stretching process.

Size is not an issue either. We custom make everything to specifications and have even stretched work that is 5 metres long by 3 metres wide (pictured below) .

2014-04-29 15.47.52
So large, this canvas needed to be stretched on site.
The finished product hanging in the Art Gallery of South Australia.