Visual Artists trust Elite

We are well respected within the art community and work directly with artists and galleries both locally, interstate and abroad.


“Fast and efficient when needed, they are wonderful to deal with and their work is always of the highest standard.”

Emma Hack (artist)

When exhibiting work for sale consider these points:

Will my prospective market be happy to hang this particular frame on their walls?
When exhibiting for sale, you don’t want to miss out on a purchase because the buyer who loves the artwork, doesn’t like the frame. We suggest to select a neutral frame so that artwork is presented beautifully and will blend with a variety of décor.

Can I afford to frame all this work?
We understand the costs involved in preparing for an exhibition. Choosing a $300 frame on a $300 artwork is unnecessary. We will work within your budget to beautifully present your work to your market.

I need these framed for an exhibition opening on the weekend. Can you do it?  
Of course we can. With six staff and a large range of stock on hand, we understand deadlines and will guarantee to deliver exhibition work on time. After all, an exhibition with no artwork on the walls will not be a very successful one.

Is the framing good quality?
As a conservation picture framer, we stand by our training and techniques, using the correct materials to preserve your artwork and ensure it can be enjoyed for many generations to come.